Humidity Test Chambers
for every application and every budget
If reliable and reproducible test results mean everything to you, check out the broad range of BINDER humidity test chambers. These chambers are 100% compliant to ICH guidelines and proof to be the best possible product for applications such as stability tests of new drug substances at 40°C/75%RH or soak tests and conditioning at 85°C/85%RH. The GLP-compliant Multi Management Software APT-COM 4 takes care of all monitoring and documentation processes.
Why choose BINDER Humidity Test Chambers?
Save money & fill up to 30% more samples
The optimized compressor-based system guarantees a stable and specific performance independent from fluctuating temperatures in the surrounding environment, providing homogenous temperature and humidity conditions even under full load.
Save your time & stack samples in any way
No need to waste time trying to fit your samples inside the chamber and worrying
about climate conditions, as the double-side horizontal air flow combined with the unique stainless-steel heat exchanger provides up to 4 times more accurate conditions over each shelf.
Enjoy long-lasting chamber design in every detail
Made with a durable highly resistant interior comprises of 100% stainless steel, along with the world’s only stainless steel heat exchanger for humidity test chamber, allowing you to use the chamber in full working range in the longest possible time.
Case Studies for Binder Humidity Test Chambers:

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