With easySpiral® automatic plater, increase your lab capacity with a counting range from 100 to 1x107 CFU/mL on one single Petri dish without prior dilution.
Using the Spiral® method, which was designed in 1973 to automate the routine work of bacterial enumeration, Spiral® automatic platers have been a reference for applications in food microbiology, medical bacteriology, research on food preservatives or cosmetological factors in compliance with the NF V08-100, NF V08-050, NF V08-034, ISO 7218, ISO 4833-2, ISO 15189, FDA-BAM and AOAC standards.
Features of easySpiral® automatic plater
Autoclavable bottles
secure & easy connection by CPC connectors
Cleaning liquid sensor
Alarm when the bottle is empty
Rotating arm architecture
Automatic full cycle: 25 seconds
2L bottles
600 cleaning cycles
Auto disinfection
The inside & outside of the stylus are cleaned by overflow technology, no cross contamination
Modular Petri dish stand
Switch from 90 to 150 mm Petri dishes
Intuitive control panel
Easy to use, no training needed
Sampling area
Fast and accurate filling in a sterile beaker
Stainless steel housing
Compact (40cm wide), can be used inside & outside laminar flow
Monthly cleaning
1 button to access the intensive,
periodic cleaning cycle (10mn approx.)
Consumables reduced up to 75%!
• Reduced budget for consumables
• No specific consumables needed
• More space in your laboratory
We offer total solutions for microbiology
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