BOD in 10-minutes...Anyplace, Anytime
Utilizes a SAFE and GREEN method 
Did you know that half of PeCOD endusers use it for BOD results in minutes?  They are in the KNOW...

  • They KNOW how to optimize
  • They KNOW when to discharge
  • They KNOW they are in compliance
  • They KNOW they are saving money
  • They KNOW they deliver sustainability

With limited personnel and resources, they KNOW PeCOD is the smart investment, especially during these challenging times.

Flying Monkeys Brewery KNOWS...
Simple to use with a contact-less setup!
“I can run peCOD in my sleep.  It is a good piece of equipment. We stopped lab
testing and use peCOD daily for ensuring our holding tank discharge is below
our limit of 1,000ppm, in minutes.”
– Jason, Environmental Operations, Biovectra, Canada

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