Get 20% off on this new refrigerated high speed centrifuge: Dynamica Velocity 18R Pro
Package Deal
  • Velocity 18R Pro Centrifuge
  • SWL5 swing rotor (with 4 buckets)
  • SW5L.250P adapter 1x250ml, 4pcs/set
  • SW5L.15C adaptor 9x15ml, 4pcs/set
  • SW5L.50C adaptor 4x50ml, 4pcs/set
  • FA15A microtube angle rotor 24x1.5/2ml
  • FA14C medium capacity angle rotor 4x50ml
Only $16750!
The Velocity 18R Pro delivers high capacity refrigerated centrifugation with a maximum speed of 18,000 RPM, all from the convenience of the bench.

  • Max speed: 18,000 rpm
  • Max RCF: 28,978 x g
  • Max capacity: 1000ml (4 x 250ml)
  • Temperature: -20 to +40 °C
Features & Advantages
  • Automatic rotor locking (up to speed)
  • Automatic rotor identification
  • High Capacity (16x50ml or 36x15ml tubes, by rotor SW5L)
  • Faster acceleration and deceleration
  • Automatic imbalance motoring
  • High-performance cooling
  • Pre-cooling function
  • Testing the real temperature of the sample
  • Low noise level

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