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Trade In Your Water Still and DI Cylinders For a New Water Purification System

Are you using distilled water from glass stills, bottled water or DI cylinders? We have an elegant water purification solution that will eliminate following challenges these purification set ups come with:
  • Power consumption
  • Glassware cleaning maintenance
  • Element maintenance
  • Hazard – heat and glassware
  • Manual operation – someone has to turn the still on and off according to usage
  • Water quality fluctuation

Introducing the ELGA Micra water system

ELGA Micra is an economical, efficient pure water system that continuously produces laboratory water equivalent to, or better than single distilled water.

This water system significantly reduces energy consumption and system maintenance costs while providing consistently high purity water ready to be used from the reservoir which is automatically topped up as consumed.

Usage Areas?

Buffer solution preparation

Microbiological culture medium preparation

Clinical biochemistry and biomedical analysis devices


Chemical analysis and preparation of synthesis solutionsn

Feeding ultrapure water purification system

All other Type 2 pure water applications

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Learn more about ELGA Micra

  • Delivers high quality RO water from a potable mains water supply
  • Provides up to 25 liters of pure water per day
  • Autofill reservoir function
  • Compact space saving bench footprint
  • Typically 90% less energy consumption than a water still unit
  •  Delivery flow rate (max) -  up to 8l/hr
  • Inorganics (resistivity @25°C) -  >2 (Typically >10MΩ-cm)
  • Inorganics (conductivity @25°C) -  <0.5 (Typically <0.1 μS/cm
  • Organics (TOC) – typical: <50 ppb
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