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Gentle and Efficient Drying For Flammable and Non-flammable Solvents

With BINDER vacuum drying chambers, samples and similar materials incorporating flammable and non-flammable solvents can be dried without posing a risk to the samples in the process. These drying chambers meet even the strict requirements of the laboratory within industry and science applications alike, proving to be extremely durable and robust.

The interior is made of highly corrosion-resistant stainless steel which is resilient and easy to clean. Maintenance and care is simplified further by the smooth inner chamber with rounded edges and racks that can be inserted flexibly and removed for cleaning purposes. The chambers use a unique safety design that, together with accustomed outstanding performance, sets the bar in terms of quality and safety.

Explosion-protected exterior

Thanks to ATEX-compliant unit concept with
pressure control device for heating activated from vacuum of < 100 mbar. The device conforms to ATEX category EX II 2/3/- G IIB T3 Gb/Gc/- X. (For Series VDL only)

Tested safety

Shatterproof, spring-mounted safety glass panel, inert gas connection for interior flushing, and electronic components decoupled from the interior provide safety for users.

Automatic drying detection

Thanks to the program control, the second
pressure drop that typically takes place at the
end of drying is detected and the interior is
automatically ventilated..

Direct heat transfer

Thanks to patented expansion racks providing
flexible placement for precise temperature
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