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A Revolutionary Concept: ScanStation

The Interscience ScanStation is a real-time incubator and colony counting station centralizing incubation, detection and counting of up to 300 Petri dishes simultaneously. Petri dishes are counted every 30 min* throughout the process.

Colonies are detected as soon as they start developing, which means you get results up to 3 times earlier! Discover bacterial growth hour by hour and see the video during and after incubation. Data are archived and available throughout incubation up to final validation of the results

*every 1 h for ScanStation® 300

Data Integrity

ScanStation saves images and videos of bacterial growth from the start till the end of the incubation. The video helps validate results by showing the distinction between a particle and a bacterium, avoiding false positives.

Mono or multi-batch

The loading of Petri dishes can be done at the beginning or during the incubation. ScanStation simultaneously processes batches with different light settings or different incubation time.


The integrated barcode reader can read most 1D/2D barcodes on the market, including QR codes and datamatrix. ScanStation is compatible with Spiral platers and the dataLink system. This will avoid double data entry, a source of error, and save time.
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