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Trade in your Lachat FIA and receive 10% off on the purchase of a NEW AMS Alliance continuous flow analyser or discrete analyser.

FUTURA Continuous Flow Analyser Benefits:

  • Modularity and high throughput improve laboratory productivity.
  • Sophisticated design and software dedicated to CFA technology guarantees the lowest level of detection and is comparable to reference methods.
  • Simplicity and advanced automation reduce operator intervention time.

SmartChem® Discrete Analyser Benefits:

  • Increased efficiency and productivity through instrument consolidation and testing automation. 
  • Microlitre reactions – improved cost efficiency and environmental footprint.
  • Guaranteed stability, reproducibility and traceability with ready-to-use dedicated reagents.

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FUTURA 3 Continuous Flow Analyser 

  • Multi parametric batches in parallel
  • Analytical rate: From 15 to 120 tests per hour
  • Sample loading capacity: 104 to 720 (autosampler model dependent)
  • Reagent loading capacity: up to 5 different reagents
  • Programmable start-up and shut-down, preparation of standard solutions, pre- and post-dilution of off-scale samples, and automatic rinsing
  • User-friendly analytical software, EPA / ISO methods available for different matrices
  • Compliant with reference methods: ISO, EPA, AFNOR, APAHA, OIV, CORESTA

SmartChem® 450 Discrete Analyser 

  • Multi-parametric (consolidation) automated platform
  • Analytical rate: up to 450 Tests/Hour
  • Sample loading capacity: 4 Universal, Separate Racks for Continuous Loading, for total capacity of 100 Positions
  • Reagent loading capacity: up to 72 reagents
  • Automated integrated reagents and samples barcode reader (optional)
  • Automated start-up to instrument readiness
  • Low water consumption
  • Programmable and monitored cuvette wash module
  • Optimization of time-consuming techniques such as pH, Cond, ORP
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